About the Isles Arts Initiative  

The Isles Arts Initiative is a summer long public art series on Georges, Spectacle islands and Boston Sculptors Gallery that will capture the intrinsic beauty of the 34 harbor islands.

Cove will transform Georges Island into an outdoor gallery, as eleven regional artists and collectives create site-responsive contemporary installations that will activate all 41.3 acres from the parade group to the dark tunnels and bastions, to the shoreline. Through Seen/Unseen, Spectacle Island will become a canvas for ephemeral experiences that ebb and flow like the tide as 5 miles of trails and 105 acres are activated by the sounds of regional musicians and talents of acclaimed performance artists from across the US. This weekend series will take visitors off their predictable paths and jolt them with a new awareness of their landscape. Back on land, art enthusiasts are encouraged to explore Boston Sculptors Gallery, in SoWa, where they will see works by 34 artists, each responding to one of the 34 harbor islands. Works include kinetic sculptures, prints, paintings and mixed media. Wall text from Chris Klein’s book, Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands will accompany each work, illuminating the unique histories of each island.

Climate Change and the Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands, a unit of the National Park System since 1996, offer intrinsic cultural, environmental and geographic value. The park includes 34 islands totaling approximately 1,600 acres of land mass. The islands make up the only drumlin field in the U.S. that intersects a coast and offer 35 miles of relatively undeveloped shoreline. They maintain resources associated with thousands of years of occupation by American Indians and complex natural communities of the intertidal zones. The islands are now a recreational haven for urban residents and tourists, and highly effective laboratory in which to learn about natural change, cultural history, and stewardship.

Sadly, climate change presents a significant threat to the Boston Harbor Islands. Already, the islands are visibly affected by climate change, from erosion to natural habitat changes. Rapid global warming has the Boston Harbor Islands national park on alert for "changes that could dramatically alter the region's economy, landscape, character, and quality of life" (NECIA:Confronting Climate Change in the US Northeast).

Take action at home, at work, or in your community to help fight climate change. 


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